Sep. 25, 2022


Whenever you study German Expressionism or Expressionism you will at some point come across this key painting which is at Allen Memorial Museum in Oberlin, a free admission museum located in the rural farm area west of Cleveland... Self-Portrait as a Soldier, 1915

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German, 1880–1938)

An example of a work of art that at first glance hits the viewer as disturbing and going completely against the commonly accepted idea of Beauty, which is what many expect and want to see in museum Art. The thing is if you take the time to learn the story behind the art it makes more sense...that confrontation and challenge to the viewer. The museum with the painting is part of Oberlin College and Conservatory- "Oberlin’s college-conservatory synergy inspires profound connections between intellectual and artistic exploration, theory and practice, creative freedom and professional discipline. We are a place for those who seek a rigorous education with integrity and purpose, designed for impact." During the year it was purchased 1950, Edgar Varese wrote Deserts and the Korean War began. The day we visited Oberlin someone in front of their house very near the campus had a bigger than life size display on their front lawn of a figure - a Handmaid in full robes - from The Handmaid's Tale.