Jun. 1, 2022


I once knew someone who was a big guitar enthusiast. His goal was to save up and get a high end state of art guitar called a Gibson SG 500. One day while reading an interview he found out that one of his favorite guitarists used a 20 dollar guitar that he got for a Woolworth. His reason for that was simple...it got the sound he liked.

There is a story that goes more or less like this. When Kline was getting success with his work his dealer had a problem. Kline liked using ordinary house paint in his paintings. The problem was as good as they were some collectors did not like the idea of paying a lot of money for a painting that used house paint, and Kline did not want to switch to artists oil paints. The gallery dealer owner decided to break into Kline's studio one night and switch over all of Kline's paint to artists' oil paint. Long story short Kline went right back to using house paints. He liked the qualities of house paint.