Jul. 23, 2021

art project

A short walk from the Cleveland Institute of Art and almost across from it is a Ohio Historical Marker for the spot which is now a parking lot, where the home of this major American poet once stood. If I were teaching a more advanced drawing or painting class at the CIA. I would give my students copies of a short bio of Crane and Hart Crane's poem The Bridge to read. Then weather permitting I would walk them over to the empty lot where Crane's home once stood. I'd give them this assignment - There are to do a work that has elements of the location they are looking at but using Crane's poetry as a guide imagine what his house would look like. The work can be representational and rooted in the real world or a freely imaginative expressive or abstract interpretation, with some small elements of the location they see before them. As a side note I might mention that Crane and H. P. Lovecraft ( the most important American writer in the horror genera since Poe ) met and had discussions there. This element can be added to their work if they choose.