Chaoticians have found overwhelming evidence that the universe is not a gigantic clock made up of well ordered and predictable movements as previously thought. The universe is actually fundamentally disordered, and free in its movements. Chaos is now thought to reign over order and predictability. Liner designs and systems are the exception in the make up of the universe. Out of chaos does come a higher order, but it is an unpredictable and a spontaneous event. Over time everything in the universe from sub-atomic particles to galaxies take part in creating new patterns and organizations out of this chaos.

"There is no detailed blueprint, only a set of laws with an inbuilt facility for making interesting things happen. The universe is free to create itself as it goes along. The general pattern of development is "predestined", but the details are not."

The Cosmic Blueprint by Paul Davies


Why Does That Make You Nervous ? ( 7' 2.25" x 9' 5.5" ) is a piece made up of fifteen individually hung and framed pieces. The arrangement that is shown in now is only one of many that are possible. The order within the basic total shape can be changed by the individual creating a new unique total - a new work of art. With each of the many possible changes, an order and unity in the underlying structure will be maintained when viewed as a whole... when viewed from a distance. This concept is behind all my work.

I enjoy working in black and white. To me the great black and white movies have a kind of color in them. I like the documentation quality that it has and the directness to the subject as well as its ability to bring out the abstract qualities in a visual composition. Black and white also has a very suggestive and at times almost seductive aspect to it.

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